Oh, to be a patron again! I spent a glorious morning yesterday wandering through the children’s books at KCLS’s Bellevue Regional Library. Outside it was gray – but the joy of what I found inside made that (almost) irrelevant. Partly out of desire to be more knowledgeable about children’s lit and partly because it’s just one of the most enjoyable things out there to do with a weekday off, I ended up with a sky-high stack of books on a castle bench in the expansive children’s area of the library. (It was a light traffic day and I first made sure I wasn’t encroaching on the space of any wee ones 😉

I missed Paul Theroux’s reading at the SPL Central Library because I was working late at one of the branches. I’ve long felt a kinship with Theroux, whose love of travel was like mine – inspired from being in the Peace Corps. Tonight, I’ve learned my lesson and taken the night off in advance to hear another travel writer speak, this time at the SPL Ballard Branch.

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