once upon a time I was afraid to drive in… MICHIGAN!

I rented a little Toyota Yaris for the past few weeks while my host/mentor/chauffeur Stephanie was on vacation in the U.S. A wild two-week ride. Every day was terrifying, then ultimately somehow exhilarating when I reached home unscathed. I\’ve never driven outside the U.S. until now and by golly would never have considered it were the Zayed U. campus not out in the desert where narry a taxi driver will agree to go…and where everyone with the means has their own car and petrol (oh, you say \”gas\”,the cost as in the U.S — Yaris filled up for about $13). Anyway, who knew the catharsis I\’d find in the work of Dubai-based British artist Melanie Munnerley at the opening of her show, Isolated Incidents.


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  1. Hi jennifer
    i saw your article in Whats On. I hope to get to yr exhib. do you have a website we could look at or some other means of seeing some of your work? We design restaurants & bars in the UAE & beyond and we’re always looking for fresh ideas & talent! drop me a line

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