Burke-Gilman Trail-blazing

At the halfway point of a cool drizzly day, the sun emerged and we headed out on our bikes for the quintessential Seattle ride we’ve been planning to do for a long while.  No time like the present has been our motto as we try to capture the best of Seattle on the whatever-whenever terms it offers us.   So, with the energy built up from our multigrain banana pancakes and a few bites of the spinach stromboli I baked while waiting for the weather to improve, we set out.


Our ride included 30 miles from Seattle to Redmond via the Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River Trails. We started from home base at the edge of downtown Seattle, heading via mostly marked bike lanes to Gas Works Park in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.  From there, we caught the Burke-Gilman trail and pedaled our way through a most splendid Sunday afternoon. Feeling fresh and energized this morning, but spending a little time shopping online for padded bike shorts before I head to work!

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